Of all the dangers that threaten the health of our youth in the existing systems of preventive health practices is the lack of a well-coordinated community based program that targets the young adult who is either a student or who unfortunately is not in school. To this end the best and only remedy to deal with this is the regular practice of physical exercises.


This remedy can however be efficacious only provided the exercises are well chosen and applied accordingly to a rational method. Here we meet a serious difficulty in the fact that many persons do not appreciate the importance of the choice of a method and are hostile to changes in the systems already adopted.


It is a fact that we all share, that a healthy individual is an advantage that is priceless. Therefore for our children to be disciplined, be mentally and emotionally sound, focused and healthy, we must make available to them health promoting programs that combine the use of sports, exercise, fun, leadership and moral training. For all these reasons, International Tennis Academy (ITA) and Play Tennis Ghana (PTG) have come to exist in the nation to develop tennis and turn this nation into the powerhouse of tennis.


International Tennis Academy (ITA) has obtained preliminary approval to create a comprehensive tennis initiative in Ghana. ITA and PTG are working in partnership with the American Friends of Play Tennis Ghana, Inc. and will develop comprehensive programs and facilities that will bring tennis to everyone everywhere in Ghana.


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