International Tennis Academy - Ghana
International Tennis Academy - Ghana
Bringing tennis to everyone, everywhere in Ghana

Vision & Mission


Our mission is to raise the standard of tennis of Ghanaian athletic youth to world class standards.



The vision of ITA is to provide (at-risk) athletic youth in Ghana and other African countries with an opportunity to be successful in life through tennis.  ITA will create new opportunities for athletic adults and youth, focusing on the development of world-class athletes.  ITA professionals will provide year-round development of athletic youth at multiple facilities.  This will enhance Ghana’s image within the international tennis community.  The availability of “premiere” tennis facilities is designed to attract a pool of prospective athletic youth interested in tennis.  ITA would encourage greater utilization of existing tennis facilities throughout Ghana.


We envisage developing world-class facilities in Ghana including;

  1. Utilizing public and recreational tennis parks;
  2. Partnering with sports clubs;
  3. Developing Centers of Excellence Tennis Academies; and
  4. Building an international tennis center.


Future Goals & Objectives

Our goal is to tap into talented athletic youth throughout Ghana and other parts of Africa and develop them into world-class tennis players.  Our business strategy is to collaborate with businesses and individual entities to fulfill our mission by achieving three board-approved objectives:


  • Our short-term key objectives are to:
    1. Continue to recruit and cultivate athletic youth and develop them into competitive world class tennis players .
    2. Solicit corporate sponsorships for equipment, gear and operating expenses no later than February 2016.
    3. Purchase equipment (used tennis equipment – including rackets and tennis balls – in usable condition are acceptable); sports gear (used sneakers, shorts, skirts, dresses, t-shirts, socks, tops (both men, women and children sizes))
    4. Cover expenses related to consulting, training, nutrition and education.
  • Our medium-term key objective is to
  1. Purchase a pre-owned 16-seater van to meet our transportation requirements by June 2016.
  • Our long-term key objectives are to:
  1. Continue to foster athletic and academic achievement in youngsters between the ages of 5 – 18. ITA intends to develop and enhance leadership skills to be achieved by promoting excellence in discipline; self-reliance; self-esteem; and sportsmanship as part of the corporate culture of the organization.
  2. Build a facility in Accra, the nation’s capital by December 2018. The sports facility will host programs (including sportsmanship events; create employment and sports internship opportunities for youth; and training young players from beginning levels to tournament play).  This objective is critical, as there are few (tennis) sports facilities available in Ghana.
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